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Are you harming your company by giving your boss (only) what he wants?

Examples of competitive intelligence failures and blind spots are cited to emphasize the importance and value of CI to an organization. A recent one is the failure of Blockbuster to see opportunity to take its business online – a blunder that cost it its very existence. In India one of the oft quoted example is that of  HLL and Nirma in the 1980s. There are, of course,  many others…

These companies did not have incompetent senior management. They were large companies with deep…


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Competitive intelligence and confirmatory intelligence

I understand that competitive intelligence is important. But why are competitive intelligence needs always urgent?  Most companies that approach us for intelligence want it in a tearing hurry.

That some kinds of tactical intelligence is often required immediately is understandable. Strategic intelligence, on the other hand is associated with long term decisions.....

Read more...…


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Hiring Outlook for Entry-Level Competitive Intelligence Analysts

Mercyhurst University, Department of Intelligence Studies, is conducting a survey related to the hiring of entry-level intelligence analysts in the competitive intelligence sector. This is part 3 of a 3 part report; the first and second parts of the report target the same information from the national security and law enforcement intelligence sectors, respectively. The purpose of the survey is to gather data on the expected hiring of entry-level intelligence analysts within the law…


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Value-for-money comparison of research techniques

When you need research to answer a particular problem, how do you decide whether you will use secondary or primary research? Or, what the mix of the two will be? Do you decide  on the basis of the budget you have available? Do you decide based on what your team is good at? Do you decide on the basis of the time available to you?

To ensure you get value for money (VFM) on your research, you want high quality research, with a fast turnaround time (because time is money) and at…


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Products Research Center site updates Viktor Voksanaeva for March - April 2012

Products Research Center site updates Viktor Voksanaeva for March - April 2012

Dear Colleagues, I suggest read the informational materials that are available March 3, 2012 on the  site  of the Research Center Viktor Voksanaeva  . I hope that the material will be useful to all analysts. Sincerely, B. Voksanaev

Under the heading: Analytical materials on OSINT (English):

Bulletin of the Military…


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A Taxonomy of OSINT Sources

Dear all

The i-intelligence team has pulled together a Taxonomy of OSINT Sources for you.

What constitutes an open source of intelligence? How many of these sources do you consult in the course of your work? And what format do they take?

These questions are not without merit. They inevitably pop up in the course of a seminar or consulting assignment. To help answer them, the i-intelligence team has pulled together a “Taxonomy of OSINT Sources”.

The taxonomy is…


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Celebrating 17 Years of Intelligence Excellence by Remembering Jim Mathews

Aurora WDC - See Clearly Think Ahead Break Through



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Are you the doctor? (Or just doing the diagnoses)

As intelligence professionals we are great in doing research, collecting data and doing all sorts of analysis. From basic statistics all the way up to sophisticated multivariate analysis. Great! We are even capable to disseminate the findings in a decent format.

And then? Most of the time it stops.

Stakeholders see your findings, they may study it, but the question is: what will they do with it? Do they understand the implications and impact of the findings.



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Tracking disposable income – Competitive Intelligence for driving sales

Disposable income is a key growth driver for several industries in India such as consumer durables, automobiles, tourism, education, real estate, telecom, entertainment, BFSI and so on.

These industries are interested to know where the disposable income resides by geography, occupation, age, income group and so on, so that they are better able to target their products, sales efforts and marketing campaigns.…


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The future is already here - can you read the signals?

“Can you do research and tell me what my key intelligence topic should be?” was a request from a market intelligence analyst to us recently. What he was actually saying, is that he needs pointers on what trends or developments will be relevant to his company going forward, so that he can focus on them and prepare for them now. He wants to identify relevant “weak signals”.

All new trends/ patterns/ macro changes in  technologies, society, economy, etc. start with small shifts in…


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The taxi driver syndrome for intelligence profesionals

The CI “taxi driver syndrome”.

How often does the market and competitive intelligence team get requests without any further background information why the stakeholder needs that particular information?


For instance you get the question: How many PC’s are there in Austria?

If you than reply by asking: “why do you want to know this?” the response might very well be: “Just give me the data. I need it. Rather today than tomorrow”.…


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CI in 2012 - When the going gets tough, the tough get going

This is the season for forecasting – looking at what the new year might bring… Not to be left behind, here are my two bits on what 2012 will bring for competitive intelligence practitioners in India.


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Diagnosis for strategy formulation

Treating a patient for the wrong ailment will not make the patient better, but may actually harm him. This is as true for an organization as for the human body.

Strategy formulation (and planning) is undertaken at least one a year in most organizations; and more often than that in some organizations.  Strategies are devised for navigating obstacles and challenges to reach the desired business objectives/ goals. However, if the key obstacles and challenges are wrongly identified, how…


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Catalog Updates site of the Research Center of Viktor Voksanaeva - for January - February 2012

Dear Colleagues,

I suggest read the informational materials that are available December 29, 2011 on the site of the Research Center Viktor Voksanaeva  site of the Research Center of Viktor Voksanaeva. I hope that the material will be useful to all analysts.

Sincerely, V. Voksanaev

Under the heading: Analytical materials on OSINT (English):

Russia: Security Concerns About Iran's Space…


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Talking to Strangers – for competitive intelligence

Have you talked to a stranger today? Yes, I know what Little Red Riding Hood’s mother said, but if you are a competitive intelligence analyst, you are not doing a good job if you haven’t!

Competitive intelligence is all about gaining competitive advantage (for your organization). For doing this, you have to be doing something different from what your competitors are doing.…


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Renseignement et intelligence économique, dualité et complémentarité dans les champs concurrentiels et sécuritaires

Hi everybody

If you are interested in French CI methods, don't hesitate to look at this lecture. I explained how I conduct my job with a real white case study.

You can see the video here:

or read this blog…


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Education and careers in competitive intelligence in India

On the SCIP linkedin group I recently came across a survey to identify the education and career moves that can lead a person into the competitive intelligence discipline.  It was most interesting to note that many of the competitive intelligence practitioners, even in countries more “CI mature” than India, got into their role by accident!

Competitive intelligence in India is a very new discipline. There are few educational courses that lead to a career in CI.…


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An exciting new offering from Aurora WDC

Please see what my friends and I at Aurora WDC are doing in terms of integrating, expanding and enhancing our range of professional services offerings all designed to accelerate the time to value, generate asymmetric market insights, and help companies gain better competitive traction in today's demanding, global marketplaces. Our most recent media release can be found at:…


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Drivers of competitive intelligence in India

While the practice of competitive intelligence is as old as competition and private enterprise itself, it has emerged as a systematic discipline and a profession in the developed economies only in the last 30 years or so. In India its practice is relatively new, but expected to grow very rapidly.


There are several reasons that come to my mind, why competitive intelligence is gaining appeal in corporate India.…


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